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Windell, R., Bailey, L., Young, J., Livieri, T., Eads, D., & Breck, S. (2021). Improving evaluation of nonlethal tools for carnivore management and conservation: evaluating fladry to protect an endangered species from a generalist mesocarnivore. Animal Conservation. PDF.

Windell, R., Lewis, J., Gramza, A., & Crooks, K. (2019). Carnivore carrying behavior as documented with wildlife camera traps. Western North American Naturalist, 79(4): 471-480. PDF.

Vanbianchi, C., Gaines, W.L., Murphy, M.A., & Hodges, K.E. (2018). Navigating fragmented landscapes: Canada lynx brave poor quality habitats while traveling. Ecology and Evolution, 8(22): 11293-11308. PDF.

Much, R., Breck, S., Lance, N., & Callahan, P. (2018). An ounce of prevention: Quantifying the effects of non-lethal tools on wolf behavior. Applied Animal Behavior Science, 203: 73-80. PDF.

Vanbianchi, C., Gaines, W.L., Murphy, M.A., Pither, J., & Hodges, K.E. (2017). Habitat selection by Canada lynx: Making due in heavily fragmented landscapes. Biodiversity and Conservation, 26(14): 3343-3361. PDF.

Vanbianchi, C., Murphy, M.A., & Hodges, K.E. (2017). Canada lynx use of burned areas: Conservation implications of changing fire regimes. Ecology and Evolution, 7(7): 2382-2394. PDF.

Johnson, H., Lewis, D., Verzuh, T. Wallace, C., Much, R., Willmarth, L., & Breck, S. (2017). Human Development and Climate Affect Hibernation in a Large Carnivore with Implications for Human-Carnivore Conflict. Journal of Applied Ecology, 55(2): 663-672. PDF.

In preparation

Windell R., Bailey, L., Livieri, T., Eads, D., Biggins, D., & Breck, S. In prep. Coyote use of prairie dog colonies is most frequent in areas used by American badgers. Journal of Mammalogy.

Machowicz, A., Windell, R., Reese, E., & Prugh, L. In prep. Factors of field observer reliability in species identification of carnivore scat. Wildlife Society Bulletin.

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