We believe better field technicians are the foundation of better research.

Our training programs provide opportunities for students to gain the critical skills necessary to conduct high-quality field research. We aim to empower a new, diverse generation of biologists to build successful careers in the field and beyond. 

With every course option, students will learn from expert instructors, gain hands-on experience with a wide array of techniques, and have the opportunity to make valuable connections.

June 12-15 September 1-4
Mazama, WA       Condon, MT

Learn the basics of important wildlife research field skills including data collection, remote camera function and deployment, telemetry, wildlife track and sign, mortality site investigations, necropsies, and more. 

Ethical Live-trapping
For Wildlife Professionals

June 26-27
Wenatchee, WA

Learn to safely set various types of live-traps for different species while considering the well-being of captured animals. 

The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture

June 28-30
Wenatchee, WA

Home Range is joined by Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources for this immersive, field based course on safe animal handling and immobilization. 

2024 dates and location TBD

Prepare yourself for the rigors of winter field work through lessons on the 10 essentials, navigation basics, avalanche awareness and rescue, trailer towing, and snowmobile operation. 

More courses coming soon! 

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