From fieldwork basics to advanced techniques, our training courses offer aspiring biologists the foundational skills necessary to build a successful career in wildlife biology and beyond.

Our research efforts are centered around conscientious study design, meticulous data collection, and careful analysis. We aim to meet the immediate, actionable needs of our wildlife community.


Community engagement is crucial to effective local wildlife conservation. Active outreach, community science, and efforts to facilitate human-wildlife coexistence are central to our research efforts.

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Home Range Wildlife Research is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that conducts independent and collaborative wildlife research, offers practical field training opportunities for budding biologists, and works closely with the local community to foster a deep connection between people and their landscape. In the face of vast environmental changes, we believe that applicable research outcomes, skillful fieldwork, and community involvement are vital parts of effective long-term wildlife conservation. 

WA State employees can contribute directly to Home Range with their paychecks through the Washington Combined Fund Drive. Our registration # is 2006562.