We need your help deploying live-traps to catch lynx for research

Sponsor a set and help us trap a cat!

For each $100 donated,

we'll deploy a trap set in your name

All donors will receive a picture of their set(s) and exclusive behind-the-scenes updates over the course of our winter 2023 field season, which runs now through March 31st.

Better yet, any time we collar a lynx, we'll announce who's set caught the cat alongside Steven Rinella of MeatEater!

Why are we researching lynx?

Wildfires in Washington's North Cascades are impacting habitat for many wildlife species, including the endangered Canada lynx. As larger, hotter wildfires continue to burn throughout this region, it's critical to understand how lynx are using this altered landscape. We'll start answering these questions by live-trapping and deploying GPS collars on lynx in burned areas. Our goal is to gain a fine-scale understanding of the ways lynx utilize varying degrees of burned habitat in the West.

Help us raise $10,000 to make this important lynx conservation work possible!

Home Range on the MeatEater Podcast

Listen to Steven Rinella and Home Range's Research Director, Carmen Vanbianchi, discuss our lynx and wildfire project on the MeatEater podcast!