The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture
with Dr. Mark Johnson, Global Wildlife Resources

June 28-30, 2023
Wenatchee, WA


Join Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources (GWR) for a 3-day wildlife handling course! GWR is dedicated to supporting wildlife professionals with humane capture and handling through training & field assistance. This class is one of the most extensive chemical immobilization courses in North America and includes hand-on labs with animals. It is invaluable to state/federal/tribal wildlife professionals, college students, and wildlife rehabilitators.


This unique training focuses on the field-based needs for chemical immobilization of captive and free-ranging wildlife. With daily hands-on labs, this is the most extensive training you can receive in North America.



Chemical Immobilization - participants immobilize live animals

TPR Lab - a practice lab with live animals to prepare for the chemical immobilization lab

Drug Delivery Systems - opportunity to practice the most effective projectors (i.e. dart guns)

Needle & Syringe Skills - building professional habits for practical field use and human safety

Blood Collection Practice Station - practice proper techniques for successful blood collection


Course Content Includes:

* Drug Delivery Systems * Immobilizing Drugs * Drug Dose Calculations *

* Five-Step Preparation for Field Operations * Legal Responsibilities *

* Patient Monitoring * Sampling * Veterinary Emergencies *

* Euthanasia * Human Safety * Post Capture Assessment *


GWR courses promote care and respect for every animal that is handled

and are often profound personal and career experiences for course participants.


GWR courses build confidence, increase success, and strengthen resumes!  GWR courses provide Credits for The Wildlife Society Professional Development Program and will certify professionals for any state and federal agency requiring certification.


The course is limited to 25 participants so register early! Places are reserved once payment is received.

Each course includes hands-on labs, course notebook, and Certificate of Training.


Cancellation Policy
We will refund the full course fee for cancellations made prior to 30 days before course start. Cancellations less than 30 days before course start are subject to 50% fee.

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